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Product and Commercial Photographer

I am a professional product photographer based in Sacramento, California and servicing the Northern California area.


I am a published photographer that has shot campaigns for house hold names such Samsonite, Kingsford, Briggs and Riley, No Cow, and many more. I have also been working with small companies and start ups to help their online and social presence with high quality images and video. 

You can contact me my photographic agent by clicking here

I work out of my studio with my dog, Tenzin and approximately 100 needy plants.


The studio is small but kitted out with lights, stands and cameras of all sizes. Most often I use my Neewer and Bowens lights. I also use high resolution cameras like my D850 or Lumix which are capable of shooting in 4k, and slow mo. My studio is also equipped with props, backgrounds and a small prop stage for things such as faux kitchens, sinks and more.

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