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Have you ever dreamed of turning photography into a career, but instead you feel like your passion is going to waste because you're struggling to get clients?


Are you tired of watching your competitors outshine you in the market, and wondering how they got so lucky?


Do you dream of creating photos and getting paid for it, just like I do? 


I've been a photographer for MORE THAN 10 years...

And in that time I got my Master's in Film, and have since worked with dozens of brands, photographed hundreds of people-all types of events, and even did marketing for other brands, including a pro soccer club and the biggest real estate team in California.

I learned a lot of things that changed my business, but the biggest thing I learned was something I'll never forget:

You can have the BEST service or product, but if your marketing is not in place, you will consistently lose out to a business with a mediocre product but better marketing. 




What if I told you...


There's a fool proof way of getting consistent clients to book you as their photographer? No it's not a gimmick. It's a method that is used in marketing in every business and it leads to more loyal customers, a better brand, and consistent business.

It's called a LEAD MAGNET. And it works like this...

The Lead Magnet

You create a FREE thing, that you send to people through email. This can be a PDF, a coupon, anything that provides value!

Follow Up

You set up a system of emails that automatically go out in a specific sequence to not only deliver the free product, but to do some marketing for you and get eyes on your portfolio and page! The best part is, you only have to set it up once. 


When someone triggers your system for a consultation because they liked your photography, or may even be ready to book you, you know exactly what to say to turn this into a closed sale. Your lead magnet has now turned into a sale.

Imagine having a system just like thattriggering not just once a week, but dozens of times a week...maybe even hundreds! 

What could you do with an extra booking every month? What about five bookings a month?  

I can show you exactly how to create your very first lead magnet for FREE. 

Start building a strong brand presence that will set your business apart.

snapshotsolution ad1.jpg

In my free course you'll learn:

  • How to come up with endless lead magnets

  • how to create the lead magnet using FREE software

  • How to design a landing page that converts

  • The basics of following up to close more deals
    and more!

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